Publications & Projects

Current research projects

  • Focus  and  phase  edges  in  Mandarin
  • Structure of restrictive relative clauses in Nuosu Yi (with Suhua Hu)
  • Split intransitivity in Mandarin (with Shin Fukuda, Yunchuan Chen, Yao Huang)


  • The puzzle of anaphoric bare nouns in Mandarin: A counterpoint to Index! (jointly with Veneeta Dayal), Linguistic Inquiry (pdf)
  • The Chinese classifier system as a syntactic system (with Peter Jenks and Jing Jin). In Chu-Ren Huang, Yen-Hwei Lin and I-Hsuan Chen (eds), Cambridge Handbook on Chinese Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, in press (pdf)




  • Mandarin associative plural -men and NPs with -menInternational Journal of Chinese Linguistics 4:2, 191-256. doi: 10.1075/ijchl.16015.jia  (pdf)
  • Noun phrases in Lhasa Tibetan, (with Yunchuan Chen). Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Central Asian Languages and Linguistics. (pdf)




  • Nominal arguments and language variation. Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University. (pdf)


  • An overt determiner in a classifier language, (with Suhua Hu). In Ming-le Gao (eds).Universals and Variation: Proceedings of GLOW-in-Asia VIII, 205-211. Beijing: Beijing Language and Culture University Press. (pdf)



  • Monotonicity and measure phrases in Chinese. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society 45: 1, 303-317. (pdf)


  • SUO in Chinese and phase edges. Manuscript, Harvard University. (pdf)


  • fuza dongbushi de yuyi he yufa fenxi [On the semantic and syntactic analysis of complex resultative verb compounds]. Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Social Science Edition) 4: 66-70. (in Chinese)
  • dongbu jiegou chongdongju yu dongbu jiegou huatiju de jufa gouzao he xianghu guanxi yanjiu [On the Syntactic Relation of Verb-copying Construction and Topic Structure in Mandarin].  M.A. thesis, Peking University. (in Chinese) (pdf)